About Me

My name is Justus Stafford and I attend Texas State University, where I am Majoring in Mass Communication and Electronic Media with a Minor in Theatre. When I graduate I hope to get a job in the entertainment industry.

I was raised in a home where athleticism was the primary concern for my parents. I am one of four sons, so my parents did everything in their power to try to groom the next professional athlete. From the moment I was able to walk, I was placed in every sport my father could think of in hopes that I would one day show the same enthusiasm for them as my brothers. However, to my father’s dismay, that interest never developed because my love was for the arts: painting, writing, film, and of course, television.

Television and film have  been a huge part of my life since I was a child and its always been a dream of mine to work in that world. I want to sit in an office, reading and writing endless TV scripts and screenplays. I want to be around people who are constantly coming up with interesting stories that change the way we view the world. I created this blog to give myself a place to share my thoughts on the copious content I am lucky enough to watch. All posts are 100% original. I hope you enjoy!

justus of the peace
Photo by Amber Watkins