A Short Film Recommendation

I hope everyone’s week is going according to plan. Finals are approaching and if you’re anything like me, then you’re looking for the best way to procrastinate. Well, I am back with another short film recommendation to help you do just that. I discovered this short today after my usual perusing through the Short of the Week website and I came here immediately afterwards to type this recommendation. I hope you enjoy!

Sam Did It (2018)

Sam did it
Image courtesy of Short of the Week

3.5/5| Comedy| 10m

Director: Dominic Burgess
Screeenplay: Dominic Burgess
Cinematography: Andrew Shankweiler

Sam Did It tells the very condensed story of a morgue worker, Sam (Dominic Burgess), who becomes star struck after meeting his celebrity idol (acting legend Alfred Molina). There’s only one issue: his idol is dead. Played with spot on comedic timing by Burgess (who many of us recognize from Ryan Murphy’s Feud), this deliciously dark story acts as a scathing indictment of grief in terms of celebrity and fandom…at least at first. While the first half of this story makes good use of its intriguing premise,  I feel like the last few minutes are a rush job and cause the short to stray into wacky territory (although it does result in a fast talking bit more than worthy of a chuckle). Overall, I found it enjoyable.

You can watch this short right now!

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