A Double Feature Recommendation (Christmas Edition)

It’s that festive time of the year when you scream catchy songs for all to hear. That’s right, the holiday season is quickly approaching and that means we will soon be surrounded by feel good music and movies. So grab a friend, spark your fireplace (which I don’t have become I leave in a college apartment complex) and crank out the hot cocoa because this truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

I love Christmas movies almost as much as I love Christmas, and when they are done exceptionally well they can become instant classics that you must watch every year. And if you’re anything like me, you like to watch them back to back. Therefore, I think it’s time for another double feature recommendation. Today, I will be recommending two Christmas films that definitely land on the naughty list: Bad Santa (2003) and Friday After Next (2002). These two films are best enjoyed with friends and family. I have enjoyed both with my brothers countless times and the absurd comedy always brings about a special, light-hearted spirit in the room.

Bad Santa (2003)

bad santa
Image courtesy of  Irish Times 

4.5/5| Christmas| Comedy| Crime| 1hr 31m

Director: Terry Zwigoff
Screenplay:  Glenn Ficarra, John Requa
Cinematography: Jamie Anderson

Billy Bob Thorton plays Willie, an alcoholic sex addict who doubles as a Mall Santa that robs shopping malls during the holiday season with his dwarf companion, Marcus (Tony Cox). After a series of increasingly hilarious incidents, Willie meets and lives with Thurman Merman (Brett Kelley), an overweight, naive child prone to being bullied, whom he meets at the mall. Thurman just so happens to think Willie is really Santa Claus.  To his dismay, Marcus must deal with the increasingly useless Willie and the Head of Mall Security (Bernie Mac), who is growing increasingly suspicious of them, before his Christmas heist is ruined.

I have watched Bad Santa with my family every year since its release… You read that correctly. I have been watching this film every year since I was seven years old and I never get tired of it. I have only grown to appreciate it more over the years due to the craftsmanship and sheer audacity of it all. Not only does it feel like a Coen Brothers film, but it has the gall of one too. I really appreciate Zwigoff, Ficarra, and Requa for gifting us with this certified holiday classic.

You can watch this movie right now on Netflix.

Friday After Next (2002)

Image courtesy of IMDb

3/5| Christmas| Comedy| Crime| 1hr 28m

Director: Marcus Raboy
Screenplay: Ice Cube
Cinematography: Glen MacPherson

The third installment of the Friday franchise should be considered a certified classic as it is just as quotable as its predecessors. After a thief dressed like Santa Claus breaks into their apartment and steals all of their Christmas presents, including their rent money, Craig (Ice Cube) and Day Day (Mike Epps) must take jobs as security guards at a local strip mall to make enough money before they are evicted. Friday After Next put Katt Williams and Terry Crews on the map and features the two in roles that they will forever be associated with. I feel confident in this recommendation because I recently re-watched it and it still holds up. Not only is it hilarious, but its a great film to watch this holiday season.

You can watch Friday After Next film right now on Netflix.

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