Criterion Saves the Idea of Classic Cinema Streaming Site

Image courtesy of Slash Film

About several weeks ago I shared my thoughts regarding the the demise of FilmStruck, which was a streaming site that had become a must have component of any true cinephile’s arsenal. The creation between The Criterion Collection and Turner Classic Movies focused on classic, art house and independent films. However, it proved to be too niche to keep on the books in the wake of big business changes. Many were saddened by this news because the site was jam-packed with films that were extremely hard to find and we now wondered what would happen to all those rare gems.

In a business that thrives off opportunity, Criterion realized they had to supply the demand. The company, whose whole philosophy is based on the preservation of cinema, knows their audience wants and is willing to pay for a site that focuses on the films their Collection is famous for. Yesterday, they announced that they would be launching “The Criterion Channel,” which is specifically designed to fill the hole FilmStruck left in the marketplace.

The idea of the entire Criterion Collection being streamable is more than enticing, its practically a dream come true and I’m curious to know whether or not this will be the case. Perhaps its more logical and sustainable if they cycle films in and out as not to become stagnant.  Either way, I’m in. While I have to admit that this seems to good to be true, I am confident that it could prove to be successful.  Between now and Spring 2019, you can become a charter subscriber, with benefits that include a subscription fee, a membership card and a 30-day free trial. You already know I sign up!

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