Disappointed to Hear the News About FilmStruck

Image courtesy of Filmstruck

I was extremely sad to hear the news early this morning that FilmStruck will be shutting down on November 29, 2018. I did not learn of the website until I did my internship at Austin Film Society over the summer when one of my supervisors recommended that I check it out. From the moment I created my account, I was plunged into a wide collection of beautifully restored rare, classic, foreign, arthouse and independent films from all over the world.

I have always had a love for film and I am constantly looking for an opportunity to expand my knowledge on the subject. My freshman year of college I decided to start an actual “To Watch” list. Over the course of several months I added numerous films to a list until I had over 1000. I decided that I would attempt to watch all of these films before my life comes to an end. The only problem with this venture is that my list contains a ton of classic and foreign films that are rather hard to find. However, FilmStruck had a majority of them. In the short time that I had my FilmStruck account I was able to cross about thirty movies off of my list. Some of these films have even managed (as a lot of great films do) to change my perception of the world before me.

I would like to thank the streaming site’s creators for giving us such a treat. FilmStruck was a film lovers dream and there will be a large hole to fill in its absence. It will surely be missed by me and those who share my interests. Hopefully something similar can come along soon, so the world will be able to have access to the movies that could define their lives in a unique and beautiful way.

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