Dear Netflix, Please Give “Brother Nature” and “The Real Tarzann” a Docu-Series Deal

brother nature
Images courtesy of 947 and Bored Panda

Whenever you are trying to sell a series or a film idea you have to pitch it to someone who can make it happen. Well, I don’t have that someone. I have basically been screaming into the void of the internet for years about what shows and movies I think would be great pieces of entertainment. This post is no different, but hopefully my readers enjoy it. Today, I will be talking about two guys that I am a huge fan of and hope to see for many years to come: Brother Nature and The Real Tarzann. Somewhere in the world someone’s manager or agent has the perfect pitch to Netflix that will land these two internet sensations a documentary series streaming deal.

Kelvin Peña and Mike Holston (more commonly known as “Brother Nature” and “The Real Tarzann”) are two down-to-earth young men of color who have made a name for themselves by showcasing their unusual relationships with wildlife on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Holston is an exotic animal specialist/ zoo keeper who became known through his good looks and the pictures he would post featuring the variety of exotic creatures he came across in his daily work. On the other hand, Peña was just a regular-schmegular guy who made a name for himself a few years ago when a video of him feeding a deer he named “Canela,” (who he would go on to feature in many of his other videos) went viral. Now he is practically a household name.

These two personalities have a combined total of over six million followers and that number is growing everyday. Even though they originally came to relevance through individual viral videos, the two have since become something of a dynamic duo as they travel the world in an effort to spread “love” and “positivity” while promoting the preservation of endangered species. Their relationship proves one thing, people love wavy dudes who help animals, especially if its a great photo-op.

While I am starkly against the using of animals as props, because I feel it is a heinous act that diminishes them, I have grown to appreciate the joy Holston and Peña bring to their audience and the animals who brought them fame. Even with all their success, Peña and Holston seem to have a genuine love for animals and the variety of beautifully exotic creatures they often feature on their social media accounts always seem to be in good environments and healthy emotional states. With their following, influence and access,  I wonder why networks (I’m looking at you Netflix) aren’t knocking down the doors with handfuls of cash for these two guys. In any case, I’m sure it will happen soon and when it does, I hope its as grandiose as what they post on their social media accounts (seriously, if you haven’t seen what they post you are really missing out). They are next level.

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