A Good Book Recommendation

I love to read just as much as I love to watch film and television because lets be honest, its kind of sickening to just sit in front of a screen all day everyday. Because of my busy schedule, I don’t get to read as many novels as I would like but  I occasionally manage to get around to the great books recommended to me by my peers. Today, I will forwarding a recommendation of a novel that I made a silly habit of reading a few pages of everyday while on the bus to school. I always found myself trying to choke back the tears so I wouldn’t be that weird guy in the back crying. The emotionally gripping book I’m talking about is Justin Torres’ We the Animals.

We the Animals

Image courtesy of NPR

5/5| Fiction

Written by: Justin Torres

In a series of vignettes, We the Animals tells the story of a half white-half Puerto Rican, young boy (our unnamed narrator) and his two older brothers growing  up in an abusive home with their highly dysfunctional parents. As the young boy grows older he begins to notice how he is different from his brothers, most specifically the fact that he’s gay.

I learned of this novel when I heard it was adapted into a film starring Raul Castillo (who some of you may recognize from HBO’s Looking) which was just released this month to rave reviews.  The trailer for the film looks great and felt like it would be something extraordinarily relatable, but I just knew I had to check out the novel first and I’m so glad I did. I bought a hard cover copy for only $4 online. I highly recommend you put it on your list.

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