A Short Film Recommendation

I love short films. They have the potential to be very complex stories that leave you feeling empty  (but in a good way) long after the credits roll. I have seen some trying beautiful shorts over the years and I just realized this is a platform where I can share those great experiences with you. I will try to be post short film recommendations more frequently, especially since Short of the Week always supplies great shorts from all over the world to content lovers like me. Today, I will be recommending a condensed story that’ll send you reeling: Black Swell (2016)

Black Swell (2016)

Image courtesy of Short of the Week

5/5| Drama| 9m

Director: Jake Honig
Screenplay: David Rysdahl
Cinematography: Conor Murphy

I came across this story a few years ago, one night on my way to work. I was taking the bus to campus and wanted to watch something to pass the time. I had no idea that this quick fix would make me sink into my seat as I re-examined the way I went about life.

Black Swell is about a depressed man who is about to commit suicide in a motel room when he is interrupted by his neighbor who is blaring loud music. Angry that his last moments of life are being ruined by noise, the man angrily marches next door to confront the disturber. When the disturber opens the door he is shocked to realize that the man is his former teacher. You won’t believe what happens next.

You can check out this short right now!

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