Chewing Gum Blows My Mind: A Fresh TV Show Recommendation

Image courtesy of Netflix: Michaela Coel as Tracey Gordon in the Netflix Original series, Chewing Gum.

Comedy| 2 Seasons| 25m

Created By: Michaela Coel
Starring: Michaela Coel, Robert Lonsdale, Susan Wokoma, Tanya Franks

I have stumbled across something great and I would hate for all of my readers to miss out. I would like to recommend the Netflix Original series, Chewing Gum.

Chewing Gum is a British sitcom set in London . Written by and stars  Michaela Coel, as Tracey Gordon–a 24- year old restricted, religious virgin who wants to have sex and learn more about the world. The show follows Tracey and her antics through the city of London as she tries to balance her religious home life, her first interracial relationship, and  the other wacky characters  who she comes across. It’s second season has just been released and the show has received rave reviews from both viewers and critics alike.

I stumbled across this show randomly one day when I was navigating through the vast Netflix suggestion, and I’m not sure what it was, but the thumbnail for this show jut stuck out to me. On the thumbnail was this beautiful, black actress whom I had never seen before. I was intrigued and next thing I knew I had watched two whole seasons in their entirety. This show is refreshingly hilarious and I highly recommend it.

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